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May 2009
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Flock the social web browser

If you are a person who blogs and takes part in social networks, Flock is a tool you cannot afford to miss.

The newest version of Flock offers tight integration with services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Gmail, but really allows you to manage your accounts and contacts across any social network on the web. When you visit Facebook for the first time, Flock can remember your account data. Everytime you want to share a piece of information on the net, you just click on the Facebook button, and Flock takes you there immediately.


The experienced user will soon discover that Flock will store information on all your contacts – regardless of service – and allow you to display them all in a people sidebar. That way, you don’t have to worry about which network people use – you will see them in the sidebar in any case.

The browser also allows you to organise web feeds (RSS) and news services in separate tabs. As soon as you bookmark or click on an item, Flock knows what to do with it.

If you blog, Flock will remember your account details. It means that if you select a text passage in a blog post or news story, you can immediately post it to one of your own blogs.

Web pages are presented in the same way as in Firefox. This is because the Flock browser is built on Gecko, the same engine – programming code – as Firefox uses. It is, therefore, just as quick and secure as its browser brother Flock exists for the Mac, Linux and Windows platforms, and has been localised in many languages.


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