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May 2009
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New Google time search tools

Google has presented a number of useful tools that enhances the search experience. Time search is a direct attack on Technorati and other blog search engines.

Next time you search in Google, click on the Options tab, and a new menu becomes visible in the

One of the attractions of the blog search engine Technorati is the ability to find information that is recent, for exemple updated 1 hour ago. Some users think that by using Google, they are actually searching the internet. Of course that is not true. We are, in fact, searching an old index of a part of the internet. A quick look in the cache of a document listed in a Google search result will reveal that often documents are as old as 6 weeks.

Google’s new tool will be useful in restricting searches by time. Also, it will increase the tough competition between the search engines. Technorati is down for maintenance today. Will they perhaps reveal new and interesting search tools?

“The race in search is far from over and innovation and continued improvement is absolutely pivotal,” said Google’s Marissa Mayer at a seminar on semantic web technologies this week, according to the BBC:

  • Rich snippets will connect the meta data of different searches, for instance connect a restaurant with reviews and addresses
  • Google squared will take information from the web and display it in a spreadsheet; allowing the user to combine the information in new ways

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